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Testimonials From Former Clients and From Lawyers in the Community

Posted by Diane, post-judgment/Divorce client:

Tobie Waxman is the perfect attorney, just the right mix of gentle advisor and pit bull! She had the "full attention" (trying to be polite) of the opposing council while handling the final settlement in my very unpleasant divorce from an LAFD member.... They are a tight knit group and it can be challenging to navigate their closed ranks (again, being polite) to say the least. Tobie negotiated a higher settlement for me than I ever thought possible! If you are going to divorce an LAFD member, don't be intimidated! Remember two things: Tobie Waxman & Gilmore Election.....


Posted by Kathy, a Divorce client:

Tobie handled my Divorce / Separation matter.  She was a wonderful understanding, personal, supportive and very professional Divorce lawyer. She is cooperative with the opposing/Defending Atty. but she can also be very stern, strong and demanding. She has done a wonderfully fair job representing me that both ex husband and I have been able to keep our friendship without remorse. I have referred several friends to Ms. Waxman and without a doubt she has helped them tremendously. I definitely recommend Ms. Tobie Waxman, Atty. without any hesitation. She is a blessing in disguise.


Posted by Serena, a Prenuptial Agreement client:

Tobie assisted me with a prenuptial agreement. She was very flexible, responsive and patient. She was also helpful in guiding and advising me in an area that I was totally unfamiliar with; explaining the information in a way that a non-lawyer like myself could understand.


Posted by Taison, a Prenuptial Agreement client:

Extremely comfortable to work with and highly professional to boot. The overall process was effortless on my part and allowed me peace of mind.


Posted by Rick, a Divorce client:

I found Tobie very straightforward, knowledgeable and direct. She takes the complexity out of the equation so any required action is easy to understand and resolve. I found her to be incredibly responsive and accurate to any requests for action. Additionally, her calm, patient and self-assured manner makes her a pleasure to work with. Tobie will have all of my future business.


"A brilliant attorney"

|Sarah Condor, fellow lawyer in the community | Cerritos, CA

Ms. Waxman is a brilliant attorney with extensive knowledge not only of family law but also medical malpractice and transactional issues. Her answers are sharp, well grounded in law and supported by evidence. She does not leave even a minor issue untouched and crafts responses tailor-made to her clients' needs.

"Brilliant and trustworthy"

|Peter J. Marek, fellow lawyer in the community | Stockton, CA

21 years of practice on family law matters is what I call experienced. Experience matters. Avvo reviews and contributions are excellent. Giving without compensation has been a recurring theme in her past and now here as well. Knowledge of the law and procedure is very strong. Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with her. I believe you will be quite impressed

"top notch"

|Dennis Tackett, Personal Injury attorney | Virginia Beach, VA

I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Waxman is top notch. She knows the law and more importantly, knows her way around the Court Room. Her clients like her and her legal opponents respect her.


"Aggressive and Competent "

| Stephen Cohen, Family Law Attorney | Los Angeles, CA

Don't let that beautiful smile fool you, she will aggressively and competently represent your interests in hotly contested divorce.


"A true professional"

| David Schwartz, Child Custody Lawyer | Santa Ana, CA

I highly recommend this lawyer she is a true professional


"Well respected in the legal community"

| John O'Brien, Personal Injury Lawyer |Sacramento, CA

A truly excellent attorney well respected in the legal community. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer who knows the law and truly cares about protecting the rights of her clients and getting them the most favorable result possible.


"Recommended "

| Evan Braunstein, Divorce / Separation Lawyer | Los Angeles, CA

I am very comfortable and confident discussing family law and appellate issues with Tobie and recommending her work.


"Straight Forward and Vigorous Advocate"

| Daniel Williams, Divorce / Separation Lawyer | Pacific Grove, CA

I endorse this divorce lawyer. Tobie is known well among her peers as a straight forward and vigorous advocate for her clients, but also a fair dealing attorney who is not difficult to work with despite her strong advocacy. Friendly relations among attorneys can go a long way for clients and Tobie is well known in that aspect. Highly respected by Judicial Officers and Courtroom staff, she is definitely a great asset to have for legal representation.


"Pleasant Lawyer "

| Hillary Johns, Family Law Attorney | San Diego, CA

Ms. Waxman is a to the point and pleasant divorce lawyer who gives very professional, concise advice to Avvo askers. She gets her point across while managing to be kind which is a great quality in a lawyer. I was thrilled to learn that she handles appellate work and I would certainly refer clients to her area on a regular basis.


"Caring and Thoughtful"

| Christopher De Oca, Criminal Defense Attorney | Long Beach, CA

Tobie is a very caring and thoughtful family law attorney and divorce lawyer. If you have a family law issue, you want your lawyer to be 100% dedicated to your case and available all the time. This is an extremely stressful time in your life and you want an experienced divorce lawyer/family law attorney, like Ms. Waxman, by your side.

Prenuptial Agreements

Family Law

Child Custody


Alimony & Child Support

Property Division


Prenuptial Agreements

Child Custody

Divorce Lawyer

Alimony & Child Support

Property Division


Prenuptial Agreements

Family Law

Child Custody


Alimony & Child Support

Property Division


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