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With the convenience of e-mail, phones and fax, Prenuptial Agreements can be prepared or reviewed without you ever having to come into the office*, all for one flat fee.


*The flat fee includes as many phone calls, emails or visits to the office you desire or are needed to complete your prenuptial agreement. Whether creating the agreement or reviewing an agreement presented to you by your fiancee, all Prenuptial Agreements are handled by me personally on a money saving, flat fee basis.  Furthermore, with e-mail, phones and fax, your Prenuptial Agreement can be prepared or reviewed without you ever having to come to my office. 


At the Law Offices of Tobie B. Waxman, I charge one low flat fee whether I am creating the prenuptial agreement or reviewing a prenuptial agreement prepared by your fiancee or fiancee's attorney.  There are no hidden costs or fees.  The flat fee is paid up front, with no subsequent billing for my time regardless of how long it takes to come up with a prenuptial agreement that is acceptable to both parties.







Prenuptial Agreements Provide a Sound Financial Plan for any Marriage


Prenuptial Agreements are not just about what happens in the event of a divorce, but instead can provide a financial plan for the relationship and its future.


According to California's community property laws, after the date of marriage and before separation, all assets and debts acquired by either spouse are considered to be “community” assets and debts. Exceptions are made for inheritances and gifts. A well written premarital agreement (or prenuptial agreement) can effectively set limitations as to what is and is not to be considered “community property.” A prenuptial agreement can include provisions which regulate how assets and debts acquired during the marriage are treated regardless of California community property laws.  In other words, prenuptial agreements allow spouses to "opt out" of most or all community property rights prescribed under the law.  


Entering into a prenuptial agreement offers many advantages, most notably, protection and assurance about what will happen if the marriage ends in divorce. If the marriage ends, litigation over financial issues can be avoided if an agreement is in place. If there are children from a previous marriage, their stake in any property or assets that they stand to inherit can be protected. A prenuptial agreement can also clarify the responsibility of partners with regard to preexisting debts, which may reduce marital stress and improve the quality of a marriage.



The most important elements to a prenuptial agreement are disclosure and independent representation. Disclosure means the full and accurate revelation of all income, assets, debts and opportunities that exist at present and in the foreseeable future. A party must fully understand what property rights are waived for the waiver of those rights to be effective. Independent representation means that with limited exceptions, each party must consult with a separate attorney to review, discuss, and sign off on the prenuptial agreement.



Licensed by the State Bar of California since 1993.

  • Protect Assets and Inheritances

  • Determine Future Obligations

  • Keep Debts Separate

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