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Don't forget your digital assets and social network accounts when preparing your estate plan.

Have you thought about what would happen to your e-mail account, Twitter or Facebook accounts if you became incapacitated or if you died? With Power of Attorney you can designate an agent that will have the power to access, use, and/or control your digital devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, peripherals, storage devices, mobile telephones, smartphones, and any similar digital device which currently exists or may exist as technology develops, for the purpose of accessing, modifying, deleting, controlling, or transferring your digital assets. You can designate that same person to also access, modify, delete, control, and transfer your digital assets, including emails received, email accounts, digital music, digital photographs, digital videos, software licenses, social network accounts, file sharing accounts, financial accounts, banking accounts, domain registrations, DNS service accounts, web hosting accounts, tax preparation service accounts, online stores, affiliate programs, other online accounts, and similar digital items which currently exist or may exist as technology develops.

You can plan similarly in your estate plan. For example, you can state in your Will that your executor or some other person of your choosing, shall have the power to access, handle, distribute, and dispose of your digital assets, and the power to obtain, access, modify, delete, and control your passwords and other electronic credentials associated with digital devices and digital assets. You can designate this person to announce your death on your Facebook page, to set up a memorial page and to later shut down your Facebook account (or Twitter, etc.)

And don't forget your cloud storage accounts.

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